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Our mission has evolved in in recent months from simply providing hope and opportunity through arts, events, education, and information to specifically treating trauma through those same vehicles as a way to actually achieve those goals. We became aware of the great need and positive impact that the treatment of trauma has on an individual and its community through our own research and training. We also have discovered that untreated trauma, adverse experiences, and toxic stress is at the root of the challenges that strip our community of hope and opportunities.

Our desire is to see communities that have been traditionally uninformed, impoverished, under-served and undeservingly left to figure it out become financially, emotionally and physically healthy, thriving pillars in our cities.  Through our mission to treat the trauma that plagues these communities we believe this can and will be achieved.

In phase one of our mission to treat trauma our objective is to establish a trauma informed community. We are accomplishing this through creating and connecting the community with available training's, trauma informed events, vending informed trauma care information, and organizing a team of mental healthcare professionals that share our same vision and mission.

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